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Ways of Getting Money?

Are you Searching for legitimate ways of getting money?

            Letting people GIVE you their money is a difficult task! . Why? Because, they need to be ” honestly ” convinced, their dreams to be shared and to be guided to fulfill their goals, once satisfied then, they would indeed DO. They eagerly need a trustworthy source of information, which works of course, and “the know how” somebody who walk them towards their way to make money, the most important part of the task is the care of  the source of money-making, and coping with, keeping the money-making process continuous forever, the more you put on the source the more you get money, the source differs from one way to another, the main source of money-making is blogging, or how you tackle the subject (commodity) at your blog when you market it? or how you attract the reader to buy the commodity? at the end of the day to engage the reader or to coincide the importance of your article to their needs and let them cooperate to let you help them, its your luxury achievement, the money will come anyway thereafter if you addressed the needs well.

Let’s go through some of the most legitimated ways of getting money online that I suggest:


The Affiliating Programs offered by some online e-Shops (e.g. and many others you could find many click here) in which they will offer you a commission after you market their commodities (physical or Digital products) or services and get paid. How?  This is my duty, walking you practically Step by Step. with no previous “know how” required from your side for  Getting   started   Click here .

The starting cost is  hundreds of US $100’s (may be nothing if you start re-organize and re-planning your existing resources e.g. your existing Internet, computer…etc..and if  needed some  subscription to tools, resources and/or eCommers systems cost around $100-$200 including the starting cost)

The profit is depending mostly on your motivation and marketing capabilities it could be outsourced, however, the results would appear between weeks to 6 months. Here you are a Trusted Community where I’ve start” Wealthy affiliate “


         Drop Shipping: (To be announced leave your email here.)

Here you are going to exhibit products and/or services of one or more vendors onto your e-Shop and when sold,  you pay the amount due and keep the profit for you.

         Private Labeling:(To be announced leave your email here.)

You buy big quantity of a product/s from a manufacturer or supplier and sell them on your Brand name or Brandless with a big profit.