About Me

Welcome and nice to meet you. My name is Asamad, I like freedom in all of my life, especially when it come to traveling.I would like to tour the world. I like Invention and making life easy

I like Invention and making life easy to others, I’ve found WA as an excellent opportunity to practice freedom and working from any place without limitation…I love to live the MOMENT…with a peace of mind, my health is more precious than any capital..

I live in Bahrain. I am a former IT staff ,  I became tired for working for others after 18 years of working for their goals,I decided to take a tough decision for my career.

I spent my 18 years in public education institute where I taught teachers and young people for their medical education careers, and for the first 5 years of my career I loved what I did. However, I still couldn’t find my groove. Although I’ve  got paid well, I could not achieve what I set out to achieve, which was to enable people to become self-sufficient and independent thinkers. I started in Network Marketing just over

I started in Network Marketing just over couple of months ago, which took me on a journey of self discovery and even though my journey has just began, I have learnt more in this short period than I have learnt in my 18 years in the public education arena.  I hope you enjoy browsing my website.